The Production


The factory is an Architectural Envelope facility situated in a plot of 7,000 sqm. in Clark-Freeport zone. The factory where the production starts is around 5,000 sqm. split into main different business areas.
  • Lakshmi offers services of manufacturing and supply of standards and custom design aluminum curtain wall, doors and windows, louver panel and metal cladding.
  • We supply or resource any system components and accessories necessary to complete the customer’s requirement on site. Our logistics can arrange and deliver materials anywhere locally and abroad.
  • We’re ready to carry out maintenance work, whether the job requires support for warranties and or after sales services.
  • We are well equipped with the most advance and efficient machines controlled by well trained staff to conform to strict quality control procedures.
  • Our products are mainly factory assembled curtain wall, either glass clad or metal clad.

Alum and Steel Division

Aluminum and steel division is sectioned into eight significant areas of production team.
The departments are:
  • Machining – for aluminum profile cutting, thread-cutting, sawing, milling, drilling, punching, notching, crimping, tapping, slotting, etc.
  • Steel – for steel and aluminum works for brackets, washers, runners, steel/aluminum sub frames, canopy, grills, handrails, etc.
  • Sheet Metal – for metal works like pressing, shearing, bending and cutting of aluminum, G.I. and ACP sheet.
  • Cladding – for bending and cutting of aluminum composite panels.
  • Doors and Windows – for assembling of aluminum type fixed and sliding doors, windows, fixed louver door, louver windows, claustra, etc.
  • Assembly – for fabricating and/or assembling of unitized curtain wall panels, stick system curtain wall panels, custom design panels, back panels, sandwich panels, cornice panels, balcony fascia ACP and glass, balcony cladding panels, podium panels, canopy cladding panels, etc.
  • Glazing/Silicone works – for filling of silicone and fixing of different types of rubber gaskets.
  • Packing – for strapping, wrapping, palleting of readymade materials for delivery.